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Coin / Card Purse

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Super Handy!

Designed with simplicity in mind, these colourful little purses have a myriad of uses.

You won't miss a Coin/ Card Purse in these bright and sparkly hues sitting in your bag. The Fluorescent Pink or Orange will ensure it is easily located. Even in the dark!

Pop your credit cards, store cards, bus passes, business cards or even your earphones inside. My daughter has her earphones and student ID inside hers, and the leather purses are so soft, that she can easily stuff it inside her uniform pocket where it stays happily all day.

Designed with simplicity in mind.

The orange, pink, leopard, gold and metallic blue are made from super soft leather, the sparkly pink & the blues are from a synthetic. The fabric is cut, folded and finished with a brass rivet to keep the contents secure.

A lovely little gift that encourages organisation, relieves mess, and sparks joy. Measuring 11.5cm x 8.5cm