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The beginning of a new year means:


Keep or gift it, this is one FESTIVE CELEBRATION CANDLE!

The creative team at Bon Lux blended all their hopes and best wishes with holograms & daisies into a candle, to bring GOOD CHEER for the beginning of the year!

And goodness knows we deserve it!

The perfect gift to celebrate the holidays, or to spread joy after the year that was... The GOOD CHEER fancy festive candle comes in a daisy gift-tube, ready to give or keep for yourself!

Inside the daises and holograms, is a scent of pure joy! Frankincense, Atlas cedar, citrus and blossoms blend into a magical, spiritual, sunny, uplifting blend you wont want to extinguish…

All Bon Lux scents are blended in house, their candles are poured and packaged by hand in their Melbourne studio. Made with plant ingredients, with no synthetics, and are vegan + cruelty free. Kinder to you, to animals and the world. 


100% pure soy wax

Unique, essential oil blend, a universal scent for all!

Citrus reticulata, Citrus bergamia, Boswellia sacra, Lavandula, Cedrus Atalantica

100% unbleached cotton, lead-free wick

Milk white glass vessel with hologram daisy

Candle glass measures 87mm high, 67mm base

Hologram gift tube 100mm tall

40hr burn

The recycled glass and cardboard tube can be used to re-gift, repurpose or recycle. Both make a lovey container!