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The rich heritage of Liberty of London continues - nearly 150 years after the doors opened on Regent Street, London.

Pocket a piece of this textile powerhouse with one of these lovely Liberty Print Hankies.

Handkerchiefs divide the masses. You're either firmly in the "for" camp, or the "against". I for one, have always been a fan and a hanky devotee. I've been known to call out the door to my hubby as he leaves for the day in the sweaty Sydney summer, "have you got your hanky?" They should really be called handys instead of hankys, given the myraid of tasks they can be used for.

A cuter hanky you're hard to find. These cotton numbers are hand-made using some vintage Liberty Prints, by my neighbour Alexandra Pengly and exclusive to Creative Finds.

A lovely little gift, that won't break the bank.

Would also make a terrific pocket square for the boys' blazer pocket. 

Light to post, and sweet in it's simplicity. An essential for the pocket, sleeve or handbag.

Measuring approx 28cm square.

A gorgeous gift for Grandma, or pop into a little care package for a friend struck down with the flu.  Or include in their kit, when sending the bigger kids off to their new digs.

Don't let them be caught short.