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    A phone necklace - keeping you hands-free but always connected.

    One-Size-Fits-All leather connector and rope is ideal to embrace the nomadic lifestyle. On the go, on the beach, in active wear with no pockets? Just wear your phone!

    I met German born Stella at a market in Manly earlier in the year. She is a delightfully, energetic and passionate small business owner, and my Mum and I bought a few of her clever phone necklaces and can vouch for their usefulness! I'm always stopped and asked "where did you get that" or "what a fantastic idea". So, I'm thrilled to bring you the One Size Fits All Solution with the leather connector.

    Connecting to your regular hardcover case, the leather connector & rope turns your phone into a necklace case. Placed easily between your smartphone and your hardcover case, just see the instruction photo which is also included in the pack.

    Or check out the video I've done on my IGTV. Silver/Grey or Black/Silver Rope available. Designed in Berlin and made out of 100% leather. The button makes it easy to switch out ropes should you wish to mix and match.

    ** Fits regular hardcover cases and not foldable wallet covers.

    Check out the manual picture on how to use it.

     Phone case necklace Features:

    • The one-size-fits-all connector is created to suit all regular smartphone hardcover cases
    • It's easily placed between smartphone and hardcover case
    • Connector is made out of 100% leather
    • The rope pendant is adjustable in size and made of braided PPM plastic
    • PPM is made from polypropylene multifilament fibre
    • Polypropylene does not absorb moisture which makes the rope weather and dirt resistant
    • PPM cord is lightweight and feels smooth
    • Non-toxic, safe for humans (OEKO-TEX®)
    • Wearing the necklace case will not affect the functionality of your smartphone, it will only make your life easier