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re-usable makeup remover pads - set 5

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Give the gift of a clean face and a cleaner planet!

In our quest for less waste we bring you theses re-usable make up remover pads.

A set of 5, there is one for each evening as you wipe away the day's grime. Then, just throw them in your wash basket and they'll be ready to do the same the following week.

Helping you to eliminate disposable cotton balls and facial rounds from your home. If everyone does a little bit to consciously decrease consumption and therefore waste, our world has a better chance of remaining the kick arse place that it is.

To see me showcasing these on video, just click here!

Made to order by my neighbour Alex Pengly, these sweet pads are created using a natural cotton towelling on one side and a super soft flannelette on the other.

A little label allows you to hook your finger under while running the pad across your face.

Measuring approx. 6cm x 6cm, they'll fit in your toiletry bag easily.

A great gift as they're light-weight & easy to post.

Use virgin coconut oil with these to cleanse & moisturise the skin. Mmmm....I can smell you from here!