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Whimsical, treasure filled, "speed of light" boho bracelets, have been intricately threaded by skilled - and steady handed - artisans in Bali. My most recent visit uncovered these precious jewels and I'm thrilled to be now stocking my first range of Jewel Rocks.

I haven't taken my bracelets off since I purchased them; I sleep, shower, and play tennis in them. Actually, that's a slight exaggeration as I have to take them off for Tuesday night netball! ;)

Layer a few amongst your other bangles, or wear just the one.

Tiny jewels & beads are used to create each style, and there is a distinct boho vibe to this range with stars, moons, palm trees, and gemstones as the hero piece.

A beautiful gift for young and old alike and super easy to post as light weight & unbreakable.

As each is unique and made by hand, they may differ slightly in colour from the images. 

Founded in 2006, Jewel Rocks is a socially responsible company, supporting the local Balinese community while serving an international client base.

Including creative finds!