3 Hostess Gifts that do not include a candle!

I love a beautiful smelling candle as much as the next gal, but I am starting to feel that giving a candle to your hostess these days is lacking in imagination and thought. Why not show your appreciation with a little something they may not have seen before. Something hand-made and unique - just like they are! Here are 3 Hostess Gifts that do not include a candle...   1: How about a little pack of Hand-blended Bath Soaks at $12 each? With a mix of Himalayan & Dead Sea Salts, and a combination of flowers & essences, your hostess deserves nothing better than a lovely, long bath after all that work in entertaining you.  Rose Bud Floral Bath Soak - Creative Finds 2: Bamboo Straws are perfect for the cocktail party hostess. Mixed drinks are no longer served with a plastic straw at most establishments - and for good reason.  A set of these sustainable, reusable and environmentally friendly straws are a gift that will keep giving; party, after party, after party.... $15 Bamboo Straws - Creative Finds 3: Soap Pyramid. Being able to provide a delightful new soap for guests at her next soirée, your hostess will love these delicate, confetti soaps made with skin nourishing shea and cocoa butter. AND they're adorned with some decadent gold leaf. Lush! $16   Soap Confetti Pyramid - Creative Finds Let the festivities begin.

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