blanket stash

blanket stash

Nothing warms your Winter like cuddling a hot water bottle. They've been around forever. And for good reason.

Made by upcycling Onkaparinga Blankets, these Hot Water Bottle Covers are a lovely, snuggly, caring gift.

Perfect for Mother's Day or as a care gift for someone under the weather. I've had customers even buy them for their doggo, to keep them warm and cozy.

We have some newly sourced Onkaparinga Blankets in varying colour ways, there is certainly a style for everyone....

 Onkaparinga is a South Australian brand that has been operating for over 150 years and they are still manufacturing beautiful blankets.

The wool does double duty. It's extra warm to cuddle and it helps with heat distribution. 

There is simply an envelope style opening to access the water bottle itself.  And the openings vary between a satin, tassel, blanket stitch and plain edging.


I'm always on the hunt for more blankets in great condition. If you have one you no longer use, please let me know. 

We've also created some cute soft toys using these blankets 🩷 

 Stay warm! 




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