back to bali!

back to bali!

It's been a hot minute since I visited the island of the gods. What was a semi regular destination for me pre-Covid to visit my creative, ballet flats maker, turned into an 3 year online relationship.

Bali Rice Fields

However, in August I managed to combine a friend's birthday with some business, and it was just so lovely to get back there!

We stayed in Canggu once again, and I have to say this visit seemed even more hectic on the roads than 3 x years ago. And while there are loads of fabulous restaurants and beach clubs and shops, I think next visit I might stay closer to Pettingent or even back to the OG Seminyak to alleviate the time spent on those roads. 

If you're heading to Canguu I can't recommend highly enough both Indigo and Kong for incredible food. The Cove had excellent - albeit pricey by Bali standards - shopping and of course you can't go past Spring Spa (in Canggu and Seminyak) for THE best treatments, complete with an Aperol Spritz if you so desire. 

Here I am visiting Kamthy, who I've been working with now for 10 years. Her ballet flats continue to be a firm favourite with my customers and I was so thrilled to finally see her in person once again.  

meet the maker - I've been working with Kamthy for 10 years now.

Business has been, and continues to be, very tough for the Balinese retailers…tourists are visiting but they're not shopping like they used to 😢

Here’s hoping things will turn around for them soon. xx

ballet flats in many colours

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