Earth Day today - choose sustainable gifts

Earth Day today - choose sustainable gifts

And so today, on Earth Day, we can’t help but think about what steps we can each take to protect our planet and tread a little lighter.

The current pandemic - whilst ghastly - has given us a chance to pause and reflect on what we may do differently once life returns to ‘normal’. What can we do without?

Might I suggest that if you have the means, perhaps don’t purchase that $6 t-shirt from the discount chain, but instead choose to spend your dollars more consciously?

Businesses such as Ethical Made Easy & The Conscious Space make deciding where to shop very simple, with their list of vetted, ethical and mostly local, businesses.

All the gift products on the creative finds website are hand-made by local, talented, creatives. And there is even a tab called Eco Gifts  where you'll find sustainable gift giving solutions made by hand in small batches by locals. Products such as Bees Wax Wraps, Bamboo Straws, Produce Bags, Wax Crayons, Reusable dish cloths and more. 

By supporting small, creative businesses owners, we help provide them with flexibility and income to support their livelihoods and in turn, their own local businesses.

We’ve all got a local butcher, baker, grocer.

They’ve been cornerstones of our communities for ever. They support our fundraisers, are a wealth of local gossip and most importantly have top quality product.
Why would we shop anywhere else? 🌎

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