christmas is coming!

christmas is coming!

We’ve been workshopping a few colourful and rather “extra” Christmas decor creations... 🎄

My prediction is that we'll be super keen to gather with family & friends this December, with loads of celebrating to make up for lost time 🎉 🥂

In the spirit of all things Extra - I bring you this Colourful Christmas PomPom Wreath!

PomPom Wreath - sample

Now this one is just a sample; we needed to figure out how many PomPoms, what sizes they needed to be, how long it would take to hand make them all (4+hours!!!), what size wreath to use etc

We also just used the the wool colours on hand for our PomPom Socks, while we’re currently unable to head to the stores to hand-pick our preferred shades 😩

But you get the gist.

I've decided to stick with the earthy and the cool colour themes this year, which is also in keeping with my Spring/Summer Towelling Bag range.

Watch this space!

Here is a sneak peak of a couple of other Chrissy Creations we are currently fine tuning...

Felt Christmas Tree Cutlery Holder:

Christmas Tree Cutlery Holder


Re-usable Fabric Bon-Bons / Napkins:

Re-usable Fabric Bon Bons/ Napkins

Hoping to have my entire Christmas catalogue uploaded online and ready for you to purchase by late October. 

The delays in the various supply chains have put us a little behind 😩


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