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Relationships and Intimacy Coach Lauren Blundell came into my world as a fellow lady start up, as we navigate the joys and challenges of running our own shows. Each fortnight we catch up with a group of local biz babes to chew the fat, trouble shoot, cheer-lead and motivate one another in our businesses. Over wine. As a self confessed prude, I tried hard to avert my gaze from Lauren's sexy posts.  Some are quite explicit / erotic! But I do believe that everyone comes into your life for a reason, so I've allowed my eyes and ears to open and to try and absorb Lauren's wise and nurturing teachings. Although still with a bit of a cringe from me - which is clearly my issue, not hers! - I'm tuning in to Lauren's messages of self love on her socials, via her podcast, her regular videos and the weekly newsletter she sends out: "Sensual Sundays". Lauren holds workshops, one on one coaching and coming soon, she is launching an online program, so you can get down and dirty in the comfort of your own home!! In my latest Mateship Mondays interview series, I've asked Lauren a few questions about her Relationship & Intimacy Business; Her Why, Her How and her What's Next. Have a read below and follow the links to learn more about living a pleasure filled life with connected relationships. S x What is your name and what is the name of your business: My name is Lauren Blundell, my business is my name: Lauren Blundell. I am a relationship and intimacy coach. I help couples and singles have more love, joy and intimacy in their relationships and help them have better sex lives.   How long have you been operating your business?: 3 years   What is the mission statement of your business: Pleasure is your birthright, and it is also your responsibility   What services do you provide and who are your ideal customers? Customers can have personal coaching sessions with me via Zoom, I also offer in person workshops in Manly NSW and about to launch my online workshop as well. My ideal client is a couple who is feeling the stress of everyday life and frustrated they are not connecting how they would like to with their partner. They love their partner dearly and looking for ways they can improve communication, have more fun and deepen the love they share.   Lauren Blundell - Mateship Mondays - Creative Finds   What are your favourite aspect of running your business: I absolutely love serving my clients. I love empowering people to have better relationships.  Seeing them connect in ways they haven’t in a long time makes me extremely fulfilled.   What is something you do regularly that inspires your creativity?: My creativity comes from nurturing myself, it is a big part of what I encourage in my clients and especially my women clients. I make sure I have time to myself every day, I watch the sunrise, meditate and do a lot of mindset work.   Why do you do what you do?: My Why is:  To show my unborn children especially my daughters that mum can run a successful business without losing her femininity   What are you most proud of? In business – my persistence to succeed. I love solving all the problems I have in my business. I started my business on a Gmail email account and a very crappy website. I knew I wanted to add value to peoples lives and that is what I did. I just got on social media and started doing Facebook Lives regularly. Sharing my message, and my business grew from there.   What have you got in the pipeline for the remainder of 2019 / early 2020?: The remainder of 2019 I will be launch my signature workshop – Relationship & Sexuality online so I can help more people. I will also be looking to hire my first assistant.   What is something about you that not many people know?: I used to have my tongue pierced – I love body jewellery.   What do you do in your spare time? I love to spend time with my friends   What is your favourite song atm - I’m always looking to add some new music gold to the Creative Finds Spotify playlist! "Where The Light Is" by Oisima – to me it sounds very gypsy goddess and I love dancing to it in my kitchen   Click here to visit Lauren's website and instagram page. Lauren Blundell - Mateship Mondays - creative finds

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