Meet the Maker - Ally from Prim & Co.

Just in time for Mother's Day, these sophisticated silk scarves from Prim & Co have arrived onto the Creative Finds virtual shelves. The subtle messages of empowerment are sure to elevate Mums everywhere! Designed by Mum to 2 x tiny people Ally, I was thrilled she could spare some precious moments to answer questions in my latest instalment of the Meet the Maker series. And of course Ally's fave tunes have been added to the Creative Finds Spotify Playlist. You must save this playlist if you haven't already - so many bangers ;) For some golden "How To" tips on wearing scarves in videos by Ally herself, check out her Stories on the Prim & Co Instagram page. Enjoy. x What is your name and the name of your business: My name is Ally Gosse. I am a lover of fabric and colour. My business is called Prim and Co. How long have you been operating your business: Prim and Co has been a happening thing for approx. 6 months. I threw myself headfirst into it the week I bought my second child home from the hospital. Crazy but seemed like the right time! Silk Scarves Green - Creative Finds What is the mission statement of your business: To create gorgeous and simple, yet affordable silk scarves for women of any age. What do products do you produce and who are your customers: I design and create silk scarves in natural fibres. Absolutely no polyester here! I use simple designs to ensure easy, everyday wear. My range includes several different sizes to suit anyone’s needs/wants! Whether you are a headscarf wearer, hair tie/topknot gal or rocking the necktie. My customer is you. The everyday woman looking for something a little classic, a little different in an effortless, easy way. silk scarves - creative finds What are your favourite aspect of running your business: I have absolutely loved receiving photos from customers wearing my scarves. It really gives me a thrill! I love how empowered and confident my customers feel when they wear my scarves and try something different like a full headscarf. I just want to high five each and everyone of them! Yay for trying something different! I love being able to create exactly what I want! I also love the fact that I can sort stock/orders etc from the comfort of my own home and in my own time. As a mumma of 2 small kids, this is everything! Where do you find inspiration for your creations: Everywhere! I am honestly inspired by so much, all the time. Colours in the environment, different lines and colour clashes, even on street signs. I love to just wander around and soak everything up! I adore the simple prints of the 70s. The bold shapes and colours so that also filters through in my work. Why do you do what you do: Because I love it! Fabric design has always been high on my to do list. I have always struggled to find scarves that I loved and wanted to wear everyday, so I took it into my own hands. My Mum has always had an enviable scarf collection and was known to rock a headscarf back in the day. I have always rummaged and borrowed (pinched) Mums scarves. After the birth of my first child, I experienced postnatal hair loss. My hairline seemed to turn into a receeding ‘George Kastanza’ almost overnight. The regrowth phase was a nightmare as I have wild, curly hair. I needed a scarf daily. This was my kickstart into designing my own. What exciting things have you got in the pipeline for 2018: More designs, more sizes and hopefully more markets. I’ve also got something super exciting in its planning stages buuuuuuut I can’t give too much away. Watch this space. What is something about you that not many people know: Maybe that I live on a remote farm along the Murray River. When I’m not designing and playing with colour swatches and silks, I’m clearing kangaroo poo off the lawn and shooing wombats out of the kid’s sandpit. Quite the contrast really. What do you do in your spare time? Ha. Spare time, what’s that? With small kids, that a rarity at the moment. However, when I do manage some me time, Ill sneak off for a coffee and peruse Pinterest or indulge in a mag. Most of my time is spent with my two gorgeous little people. They keep me busy and entertained and I love every minute of it. What is your favourite song atm (I’m always looking to add some new music gold to the Creative Finds Spotify playlist!) Oh no. I’m a bit of a music tragic. I go through music phases and have something on repeat for ages! I often make my husband shake his head in disbelief that I’m not sick of it. I really love folky, bluesy tunes. I love a bit of Mumford and Sons or The Lumineers. I’m loving Slip Away from Mumfords latest album, Delta. My all-time fave would have to be Me and Bobby McGee, Janis Joplin. Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. I love learning more about my suppliers and their raison d'être. Absolute pleasure ! x silk scarves pink - creative finds

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