my current top 9 favourite Poddys...

my current top 9 favourite Poddys...

I love me a good podcast.

They're just the best resources for learning on the go and require more concentration - to fill in the visual blanks - than bingeing on Netflix.

Once upon a time I'd only ever have Triple J on the radio, but these days, all passengers in my car or visitors to my house are subject to my latest Podcast obsession!

I'm not talking True Crime or Fiction at all. I'm talking Business Advice, Interviews, and a whole load of Oprah!

Here are my current faves, but I'm always looking for recommendations. Please leave a comment below with the Podcasts currently in your listening Library.

Interviews - small business related:

Jumbled Loves a Chat - Pip has the beautiful Jumbled Store in Orange and an enviable following on her Instagram page. She talks each Monday with a supplier (think artists, product makers and creatives) about their background, their story and asks them for tips. All over a glass of bubbles. My kind of chat!


Jumbled Loves A Chat - The Podcast

How I Built This - US based Guy Raz has dived into the stories behind some of the world's best known companies. He's interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs and innovators. It's both inspiring and reassuring. It's a great reminder, that no one has had a linear path to their success!

The Lot Co - Mel Robbins is a Melbourne based business consultant, a coach with years of experience in both Retail, Fashion, Product Sales, Wholesaling and Branding. Her podcasts are short and sharp with specific topics and insider knowledge to help small, creative businesses thrive.

One Wild Ride - Pru Chapman is a business coach also, who whilst having another podcast specifically designed to help small business, called Owners Collective; this podcast is where she chats to thought leaders, innovators, and inspirational people, doing extraordinary things.  It gives great insight to some of the most ethical and sustainable brands around. Think Toms Organics, Sendle,  Bank Australia & Lonely Planet. Good Businesses making a positive impact.


Deep thinking / Self Care/ Self Help:

Oprah's Super Soul Conversations - I mean, it's Oprah..need I say more? I'm sure you're already all over this one, but Oprah's chats are 

Lewis Howes' School of Greatness - one of the top-ranked Business and Self-Development podcasts, Lewis covers topics like Fitness, Money, Nutrition, Spirituality, Entrepreneurship, Mental Health, Human Rights each week.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty - Jay wants to make Wisdom go Viral. His podcasts are On Service, On Love, On Self, On Work and once again he interviews some of the most insightful people in the world. 


Daily News Updates :

The Squiz -  Your Shortcut to being informed. Published each weekday at 6am, the ladies give an unbiased update on the daily news headlines. Ideal for a quick snapshot, so you sound like you know what's going on when you're chatting to your barista.

The Quicky -  brought to us by Mamamia, this daily podcast gets you up to speed on the top stories, then dives deeper on one topic each day that listeners ask to learn more about. It helps you cut through the noise and tells you exactly what you need to know each day.


There's so much listening gold to consume!

Leave me a comment below and tell me what else I should be subscribing to.


 *** here are some recommendations from my lovely insta followers that you might like to check out. I've already binged on the Liz Earle Wellness one!

 - "Even the Rich" : 6 x seasons worth about the lives & rise & scandals & some falls of the mega rich

- Liz Earle Wellbeing

- How to Fail by Elizabeth Day


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