winter warmers....

We've another month and a half of Winter in the Southern Hemisphere, so I've been searching for handmade products with a toasty theme to keep the Winter chills at bay. The finest British yarn has been used by RowPinto in London to handcraft this beautiful cashmere dream set. I'd be sure to dream sweetly with these luxurious pieces. GDP240 Crochet Tea Party made this Hot Water Bottle Cover using a crocodile stitch. Who knew there was such a thing? And if you're so inclined, she shares her patterns on her blog too. Animal Liberationists look away now, as this colourful scarf by daymisfurry is made using genuine fox fur. GBP40 Made in Nepal, I could have done with this 100% cashmere neck-warmer on our recent ski trip. For AUD$59, you can pick one up at Black Arrow Label We've all heard of a tea cosy right? Well Twinkknits makes a mug cosy. Tea sure, but I think this would be perfect for keeping the mulled wine as well as your hands warm around the campfire this winter. AUD$14 To be fair, we barely get a winter in Sydney. When the mercury drops below 18 everybody starts to freeze and hibernates indoors. I for one, would choose summer over Winter any day, but will concede that there is something comforting about rugging up and inhaling that crisp, fresh Winter air. Plus, Winter is the perfect excuse to purchase cashmere. Sx

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