activities for our covid kids these school holidays

activities for our covid kids these school holidays

Embarking on nearly 3 x weeks of school holidays at home in isolation is enough to make most parents break out in a cold sweat. 

And let's be honest, the kids sweat-o-meter is probably pretty high too.

The wonderful parent community at my daughter's school, has been contributing to an activity / ideas worksheet to help fill the days.

Next time you hear "I'm bored" or your kids' "screen time" quota has been reached, share this list with them. 

And if you have any suggestions, hit me up below and I'll add to it.

May you all not only survive, but possibly even thrive with your families whilst staying safe at home these holidays.

A time capsule might be a good idea too, to look back in many years and remember these strange times.

We are living through history folks.

When it's all said and done, let's ensure there are plenty of fun stories and memories to share. 

Click here to view the spreadsheet and have a Happy and Safe Easter.

 Oh and don't forget the fun, new drawing game which is available online now. xx

the drawing game




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