college kid collab...

college kid collab...

When visiting my daughter's school earlier this year for their Yr 10 Personal Project Presentation, I happened upon some rather talented and passionate 16yo crocheters...

Having approached Jess - who crocheted this super impressive dress - I asked her if she'd be interested in creating some crochet pieces for my store, and she happily obliged. Yay!

Jess' crochet dress

After making me a couple of sample bags and tweaking them a little, Jess crocheted these fabulous shoulder bags for me over the recent school holidays.

pink & orange crochet bags

With so many choices of yarns and styles, I decided to embrace the Creative Finds Pink & Orange colour crush for this first, very limited edition release. 

I've added pompoms to elevate them even further, and I hope you love them as much as we do!

Click here to nab one for yourself.

Some pocket money for our youngest creatives and a new range of handmade summer offerings for my online store. Win/Win.

Exams are coming up, but I've got Jess lined up with her crochet hooks when the studies wind up for the year. 

Watch this space!

And if you or anyone you know has a special, creative talent, please make contact. We might be able to collaborate and creative something magical together 💗🧡

pink and orange crochet bag over shoulder

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