on the hunt....

on the hunt....

The thrill of finding Onkarparinga blankets in beautiful colours and in mint condition is one of my life's little pleasures!

I've been lucky enough to have family and friends keep their eyes peeled for me, and my Mother in Law in particular has come across some fabulous coloured blankets in the charity store in which she works, in South Australia's Barossa Valley.

On our regular visits to see family in SA, I now allow some extra room in my suitcase to bring blankets home!

Over the years, Instagram friends have also been kind enough to reach out and off load gorgeous, vintage, woollen blankets that have been hiding in the back of their cupboards. 

Each blanket is unique, and it's the mix of colour combos, the blanket stitch, satin edge or fringing that make my eyes light up.

Woollen Hot Water Bottle Covers - made using Vintage Blankets

The Hot Water Bottle Covers have been a perennial hit with my customers, and we've recently added the Up-cycled Blanket Clutches too.

Up-cycled Blanket Clutch. A little purse made by using Vintage Blankets.

I have a little Scotty Dog Toy in the works as well as some blanket bunting... and although I've vowed not to do clothing, a simple blanket poncho for next Winter, might not be out of the question! 

Speaking of re-worked blanket/jackets...visit my Favourite Finds of the Month for more info on Paradise Vintage, the maker of this fabulous number:

Upcycled blanket jacket. Visit my favourite finds of the month page for more info


Should you have any ideas of wonderful ways for us to honour these timeless, and tactile blankets, let me know by clicking here...

Re-use, repair, recycle and you will be rewarded!

S x

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