Father's Day - show him the love!

Father's Day - show him the love!
It's almost here, the day Dad can hang in his daggy tracksuit pants, tell his corny jokes,  and get away with it;  yes it's Father's Day. Sunday September 2nd in Australia is Father's Day. So along with breakfast and the paper in bed, and some unique gifts to unwrap, here are some ideas to make Dad's Day even more memorable.
  1. Clean the bbq for him.
  2. Polish all his shoes.
  3. Make his favourite dinner and possibly even dessert!
  4. Collate a little book of all your favourite things about him.
  5. Save a photo of you and him as the wallpaper on all his devices.
  6. Make him something - a card, a photo frame, a pen pot, a cake, a bookmark.
  7. Clean his car, inside and out.
  8. Make a playlist of all his favourite songs called Father's Day and you can add to it throughout the year.
  9. Ask Dad to tell you his 3 x favourite memories growing up with his Dad.
  10. Let Dad pick a family movie to watch together.
Pop your own ideas in the comments below. Let's make this Father's Day the best yet. S x PS - Are you following Creative Finds on Pinterest? Blog post - 10 tips for showing Dad the Father's Day love

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