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Meet the Maker. I first met Sylvia from Oria Studio and swooned over her stunning jewellery creations at an Etsy Local Market in Chippendale, Sydney. Not long after Sylvia went into what I thought was hibernation, but in reality it was Motherhood! Fast forward a year or so, and Sylvia's beautiful little bubba Avey (who she is pictured with here) is now spending a day each week with playmates so Sylvia can get busy in her studio once again. With a goldsmith for a father, you could say creating jewellery was in Sylvia's genes. A simple yet stylish aesthetic with natural, earthy tones; the Oria Studio pieces balance the bright tassels & dangles available in the Creative Finds store! Find out more about Sylvia's inspiration & background in my recent Meet the Maker interview below. Enjoy. Sx Brass Hoop Earrings -Creative Finds   Tell us who you are and the name and the name of your business: My name is Sylvia, I’m a graphic designer and jewellery maker and my business is Oria Studio.   How long have you been operating your business: Almost 2 years;  since November 2016.   What is the mission statement of your business: I want to empower women with unique yet affordable handmade jewellery.   What do products do you produce and who are your customers: I create jewellery using polymer clay, combined with metals, leather and other natural media. I’ve always loved the ‘unique’. I think jewellery should be an extension of your personality and when you put it on, you feel more like yourself. My customer is the everyday woman who wants something a bit different, yet with a subtle and clean aesthetic.   What are your favourite aspects of running your business: Seeing a customer fall in love with one of my designs, I create many one off pieces and the perfect person for that piece always comes along! It is so crazy to see people wearing my jewellery and I still pinch myself everyday. And of course the time it has allowed me to spend with my baby, I know I will never get this time again, so being able to make the most of it while doing something I absolutely love is so special!   Where do you find inspiration for your creations: I love earthy, natural colours and tones so you may catch me whipping out my phone and snapping a bush, leaf, tree, you name it. Inspiration always comes from the most random things in life. Although I’m not very adventurous myself when it comes to fashion I have an obsession with huge, chunky statement and runway jewellery so my Pinterest board is full of amazing artists and designers. Click this link to check out Oria Studio on Pinterest   Why do you do what you do: I grew up in my dad’s jewellery shop, and my mum was a professional ballet dancer, so when I was jumping from one non-creative career to another, I really felt lost. By teaching myself, I started making polymer clay jewellery as a passion project, I then realised I could make exactly what I was picturing in my head with such an accessible medium. I’ve always wanted to be a jewellery designer. I used to dream of designs throughout the years but never saw it as an business avenue.  My Dad was a goldsmith (on the bench since he was 14!) and in my mind that was the only path. Needless to say my heart is happy finally and my (now retired) Dad is so excited to talk shop with me! It’s funny watching him get excited about clay when he was a master of his craft. The passion for jewellery definitely runs in the blood.   What exciting things have you got in the pipeline for 2018: I’m excited to mess up a few designs because I find that’s when the best work happens! I’ll be focusing mostly on Christmas market prep for the remainder of 2018, but would like to get some experimental/fun work time in there as well. Meet the Maker - Oria Studio Earrings What is something about you that not many people know: I grew up in Athens, Greece until I was 11 and then lived there again when I was 16 and 21. I don’t have an accent since I’ve always spoken English with my (Australian) mum. I don’t identify as Greek or Australian, when I’m here I feel Australian, when I’m there I feel Greek, but at the same time I feel neither. I’m sure all expats feel the same; it’s very strange! Also.. I wanted to be a stuntwoman when I was younger, I didn’t realise you had to pay for all of your own training *facepalm*. Jewellery and graphic design are much more suited to me...what was I thinking!   What do you do in your spare time? Wrestle my little one year old girl Avey. She is so much fun, this age is definitely the most entertaining so far (I’m sure I’ll keep saying that?) So needless to say there isn’t much spare time at the moment, BUT when I do have some I usually pick up a new skill obsessively on YouTube for a few weeks.   What is your favourite song atm (I’m always looking to add some new music gold to the Creative Finds Spotify playlist! I don’t listen to music enough! But when I do it’s really a soup of styles.. I’ve got a few on repeat in the car right now: This is America – Childish Gambino Sleep Forever – Portugal Sex and Candy – Marcy Playground Starla – The Smashing Pumpkins too indecisive, I can't decide on just one ;)   Thanks for taking the time to talk with me and for being part of my Meet the Maker Series. I love learning more about my suppliers and their raison d'être  Thank you ! I feel honoured to be asked. Raindrop Black Polymer Earrings - Creative Finds

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