Feb is the new Jan...

Feb is the new Jan...

Pinch and a Punch folks!

Here we are at the start of Feb - already a whole month into 2021 - and I know I’m not alone in needing a little re-set.

The New Year ticked over, and the school holidays were on. January really is a time to down tools in Australia; or at least operate at half pace, and for me it meant over consumption and under performance esp where movement or physical activity was concerned.

Now that Feb is here - like so many of you - I’m embarking on a little mind, body and soul detox.

Whilst I haven’t committed to FebFast, I have started the 14 x day High Vibe Challenge with The Broad Place

I’ve chosen to Pause: alcohol, social media, gossip and to Invite in: Order, Reading, and Vitality through clean food.

I’ll be continuing to pack orders and work away here at Creative Finds HQ, but I won’t be opening my Insta / FB/ Pinterest Apps for 2 x weeks.

I might have to delete them from my phone tbh..the temptation could be too great!

I’m looking forward to using the space and the happy hormones from this challenge to set my biz and myself up for success in 2021.

Hope the start of the year has been good to you.

Here’s to high vibes peeps.

See you in a fortnight! xx

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