fun find friday!

fun find friday!

Fun find Friday!

If these little dioramas don’t bring a smile to your dial in these trying times, nothing will!

Designed on the daily by Japanese artist @tanaka_tatsuya I’ve been saving his creations to my Pinterest board for years and have only just rediscovered them.
Oh my…what a rabbit hole.

They are all just sooooo good.

What a steady hand he must have ✋

Check out Tatsuya’s You Tube clip of the making process:

All those teeny tiny pieces, people and different elements organised in true Japanese style in beautiful shelves and boxes, so he has everything at his fingertips.

I’ve been trying to choose a fave from these 6…and I think the orchestra gets my vote…or the lawnmower?
I can’t decide.

Simple but oh so effective concepts.

Which one is your pick?? x


Tatsuya Tanaka 1 

fun find friday tatsuya 2


fun find friday tatsuya 3


fun find friday tatsuya 4


fun find friday tatsuya 5



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