hand-made gift wrapping for your hand-made gifts

hand-made gift wrapping for your hand-made gifts
Often it’s as much about the wrapping as it is about the gift.
Just like the planning of a holiday is almost as exciting as arriving at the actual destination.
It’s all in the anticipation peeps.
Delightful, hand made wrapping paper can be simple to make yourself, yet so very effective.
While we are avoiding shopping centres, why not use items around the home to wrap your gifts and pop in the post to loved ones?
Tea towels, fabric remnants, newspaper, butchers paper, pages from magazines, kids finger paintings etc.
I’ve got a whole board devoted to gift wrapping ideas over on Pinterest : pinterest.com.au/my_creativefinds/boards/
And don’t forget all purchases from the creative finds gift store are wrapped with compliments on your behalf!
Who could you send a gift to this week? xx

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