simple abundance

simple abundance

Has anyone read “Simple Abundance”?

I’ve heard a few references to this book recently, including a couple of mentions by Oprah- and when Oprah speaks, I tend to listen!

The title rang a bell, and having had another nudge just last night, I decided to consult my bookshelves, where I found a copy of it gifted to me from my Godmother in 1996 whilst visiting the UK for Christmas.

It must have been hot off the press back then, as the first edition of this International Best Seller was published that same year.

24 years later - as recently as last Nov - the author Sarah Ban Breathnach recorded an audio version of her updated edition.

Apparently there is 33+ hours of listening pleasure to be had!!

My version of the book has faded from years sitting in the sun playing it’s part in a faithful vignette, and it needed a good dust off, but I’m excited to be opening it at last.

I do love that saying; “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”….

The grocery shopping, ironing and kid wrangling will have to wait today - I’ve got a date with Sarah! x

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simple abundance 2

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