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Mantra Magazine quote

Omg, I just HAD to this quote by Mantra Magazine.

I’ve been trying hard to keep my vibe high these past 9+weeks (I’ve actually lost count of how long we’ve been in the Corona cave). I have sooo many things I want to do with my business & I’ve been plodding along with a houseful of hungry, noisy & messy peeps, but really only getting the bare minimum done.

Today I resisted the need to combine work and homeschool, so instead; baked all the things, walked at lunchtime & taught some life skills to Mr 12... 👉 but I sit here now with my glass of red wine 🍷 feeling depleted.

The thing is; I love my little biz. It feeds me.

I’m learning everyday, meeting inspiring creatives, and thriving on the challenges of building a brand & spreading the love of handmade.

It goes without saying that I also love my children.

But my goodness, I look forward to the day I kiss them goodbye at 7.45am, send them off for a day spent with their buddies, learning from the professionals, & growing socially from their interactions with their community.

I will sit in my office uninterrupted for more than 40mins at a time & be happy as pig in you-know-what.

Tell me you’re feeling the same? 

Check out loads of other colourful and relatable quotes by @mantramagazine over on Insta! x

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