Meet the Maker - Kirby from More Sleep

Meet the Maker - Kirby from More Sleep
In my second instalment of Meet the Maker, I'm talking with Kirby from More Sleep. Kirby Vann is the founder and director of the business with a mission to "help busy women sleep well". Having expertly crafted the 'sensory sleep collection' these products are created in order to calm your nervous system and promote sleep using the proven healing properties of aromatherapy and magnesium. These beautiful Dream Drops are my go to every evening. Spritzing the goodness onto my pillow and pulse points before turning in, the divine scent instantly soothes. Meet the Maker - Kirby from More Sleep   Learn a little more from Kirby about her philosophy on winding down and creating moments of calm in our fast paced world:   How long have you been operating your business More Sleep? 1 year strong!   What is the mission statement of your business?   It’s simple, we are here to help women sleep well, so they can show up each morning as their best selves. Positive, fresh-faced and energised to crush the day. We believe in naturally calming the mind and body to promote sleep and relaxation. Creating more moments of peace in a fast-paced world.   What products do you produce and who are your customers: The products are expertly blended to promote sleep and relaxation, by calming your nervous system with the proven properties of aromatherapy and magnesium. They exist to support women who struggle to wind down, fall asleep or stay asleep. The busy boss babes, mamas, hustlers and ladies looking for an all-natural sleep aid.  
  1. Dream Drops (Pillow & Pressure Point Spray)
This is our best seller, I can’t live without it! Hearing women tell me how this has made a significant improvement to their sleep quality is what gets me up every morning. It’s expertly blended with a premium concentrated formula that calms your nervous system to promote sleep and relaxation before bed.  
  1. Deep Sleep Bath Soak
Made from high-grade, magnesium-rich minerals that absorb through your skin into the muscles and bloodstream for fast and effective sleepiness. It also softens skin and increases serotonin — the mood-boosting brain chemical and neurotransmitter that makes you feel as calm as a cucumber.  
  1. Sleep scented candles (Lavender & Bergamot / Chamomile & Sage)
The candles come in two sleep scents and are made with nourishing soy wax that can be applied as massage oil.   What are your favourite aspect of running your business: Connecting with all the amazing women that I have met and served with   Where do you find inspiration for your creations: Through my own and other women’s sleep experiences or pain points. Like most women, I had become all too familiar with the feeling of being burnt out. This steered my anxiety and overthinking mind into overdrive, affecting my sleep and general wellbeing. I began researching and testing all sorts of remedies, products and tools. I was inspired to create my own after failing to find any powerful and natural products that worked.   I also started approaching sleep in a holistic sense and began trialling lifestyle changes and rituals to help promote quality sleep and a calmer lifestyle. The product range was designed in support of this, using the proven properties of aromatherapy and magnesium to calm the nervous system.   Why do you do what you do:   I’m passionate about highlighting the importance of sleep and relaxation in the world we live in today. Supporting and empowering women to show up as their best selves each morning. If we start prioritising sleep the same way we do diet, exercise or business we can live and work at our optimum potential. It’s the recipe for successful relationships, work, health and overall wellbeing. If we want to slay we need to sleep! I get a bit carried away lol…I’ll stop preaching now.   What exciting things have you got in the pipeline for 2018:   We are dreaming up some new collaborations, sleep products and helpful resources. Stay tuned.   What is something about you that not many people know: Hmmm…on top of my obsession with sleep, I’m also a Designer/Art Director.   What do you do in your spare time? I love to read and spend time in nature… ideally at the same time.   I also schedule ‘me’ time. I wake up early and spend the first hour filling up my cup as they say.   I have carefully tailored a morning ritual over the last couple of years. It includes exercise, meditation, affirmations and EFT tapping (Amazing! Google it), warm lemon water and a high protein breakfast. I also schedule at least 1 hour at night before sleep to wind down and relax.   What is your favourite song atm (I’m always looking to add some new music gold to the Creative Finds Spotify playlist!) Ooh, it’s not a single song, but, I do have a go to play list called ‘Mello Mondaze’   Meet the Maker - Kirby from More Sleep   In the words of Beyoncè, " “Having peace, happiness and healthiness is my definition of beauty. And you can’t have any of that without sleep” I'll sleep to that. Sx SaveSave SaveSave

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