mi casa...

mi casa...

Whilst nesting over the first few months of this year, I was putting the finishing touches to my bedroom makeover…

I enlisted the help of Allie from Ampersand Studio, to help me pull together a bedroom scheme to elevate the space, replace the bed, finish the window coverings, and at the same time remain a little fun. I didn't want anything fussy, or contrived but rather, a more eclectic feel, with textures and colours creating the interest. 

moodboard - colour scheme


I had flagged green to Allie as an integral colour choice to help link the lush gardens outside our windows to the room & she sourced a green velvet bed option...


bedroom scheme

It turned out that Etsy had named Emerald Green their colour of the year, which I was delighted about 💚 I am a huge fan of green for the interiors throughout our home (pink and orange inside might just be a bit much don’t you think 😉).

Etsy says:

“Symbolising harmony and growth, along with royalty and refinement, emerald green is the perfect colour to remind us to find balance this year”

So as I retire each night into my new emerald green, velvet bed, I’ll be trying to channel some of that harmony & balance!

Handmade in Melbourne by Zenn Design our deluxe, custom made velvet bed is a big improvement to the leather bed we've had since we got married (almost 20 years ago!!).

To add interest, we used scalloped mdf panels from Laminex for the wall behind the bed instead of a piece of art and painted them in Dulux Ghosting.

Our thinking was that the arched, velvet bedhead was the hero piece and a simple but textured wall behind was all that was required:


bedhead and wall


Timber, green, dusty pinks, pale greys with a hint of black are combined to link the black window frames, & the greenery of outdoors.

My bedside tables (from Life Interiors) have a terrazzo top - the perfect combo of timber for texture and black, white & grey colours and the velvet cushion is from Melbourne based Kip & Co.


kip & co - green velvet cusion
bedroom elements


And on the big wall opposite the windows, I've used plywood hooks, made for me by Katie at Girl & Grain  - again in a natural and dark stain. These act as both a useful space for hanging items and as a point of interest. They have an almost a sculptural feel to them.


bedroom - plywood hooks


I've loved using locally made products to finalise our bedroom and have Allie @ampersandstudios to thank for helping me design and press go on this loooong overdue project 🙏



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