my fave finds of the month - Feb

my fave finds of the month - Feb

Okay, so here it is; the inaugural monthly selection of my favourite handcrafted finds...

Visit this new page on the website by clicking here: My fave finds for Feb

Each product is something I've either purchased myself, been gifted, given to someone else, or I stumbled across and can't stop thinking about!

I'll include a little blurb, and if you are equally as enamoured by the piece, there will be a link for you to purchase it direct from the maker #notsponsored 😉

Each month I'll release another collection and I hope it proves to be something you look forward to seeing every four weeks, and it helps you with your own online gift or homewares shopping needs. 

There are just sooo many clever creatives making things by hand, and I really want to help support them in my own little way.

By continuing to be a cheerleader for all things handcrafted, I aim to help you guys - my loyal & supportive customers - find that perfect gift or discover a new maker, whilst shopping small, local and handmade. 

After all, there's more than enough mass produced, plastic crap in the world.



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