a slight change in direction...

a slight change in direction...

Anyone else finding March is their new January?!

I realise it's a privilege, however I've spent most of these first few months of 2022 focussing on family, health & home life, with just a little bit of business brainstorming thrown in. 

While we've still been sending out your orders and creating custom product en masse; my focus on the main has been recovering from Covid, playing nurse maid to the pooch after her knee surgery, decluttering, doing home improvements and generally trying to stay dry...

March is here now, and in the Creative Finds world it has kicked off with a website upgrade, some new product designs, and a fun photoshoot (see pics!) with Erin Masters at The Studio Collective

2022 is also where the business takes a slight veer in direction...

Having launched in 2017, the focus for Creative Finds was solely on sourcing and curating a delightful range of hand-crafted gift products from makers local and afar. 

Slowly, we began to introduce a few of our own exclusive items; pieces that I would design and my neighbour and partner in all things textiles Alex, would create. 

And it turned out, that we loved doing this together & our own products were the items we would sell most of. 

So as a result, we've decided that now when you're shopping for handcrafted gift goodies from Creative Finds you will be buying unique products that we have designed and made ourselves.

Right here in Roseville Chase on Sydney's North Shore.

Please visit the Sale page to shop the last of the gorgeous pieces from other clever creatives, and know that over time, the many categories for gift giving will be filled with Creative Finds' own, exclusive, handmade designs.

Of course my ongoing love affair with all things handcrafted won't be shaken.

But instead of selling my finds, I've created a new page on the website with my favourite handmade finds of the month - and a link to shop each of them, direct from their maker!

Click here to see my fave finds from this month - my inaugural selection! 

Thank you for continuing to follow along on this ever evolving journey, and for supporting small business and all things hand-crafted. 

It is the new black you know xx



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